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Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

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CASH PAID for UK pallets and Euro pallets top CASH prices paid  Yorkshire and lincolnshire

Prentice & Jackson Ltd specialise in new, used and reconditioned pallets. We have over 40 years experienc and we can supply to anyone - from large international businesses to small family businesses. With this extensive experience we can offer advice on the service's you require and the best price's.

Our deliver guarantee if you run out of pallets we will deliver your pallets within 4 hours of your order,  we understand that if you run out of pallets the production stops.


For UK Standerd pallets and Euro pallets top CASH prices paid.

Cheap New Pallets

We supply new treated or untreated pallets. We also offer a bespoke Design on new pallets,  please email for more information at  info@pjpallets.co.uk

EUR Pallets

We have over 1000 Eur pallets on Stock and available please email for a quote on Eur Pallets


CP Pallets

CP1,CP2,CP3,CP7,CP9 Available and on stock at all times. Other CP Pallets requires ordering in advance . We can also supply new CP pallets email for a quote cp@pjpallets.co.uk

Cash Paid for Pallets

We pay cash for pallets that we can collect,  or you can deliver the pallets to us and we will pay cash

Some of our Services

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